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International Like Minded Owners

Club start date:

February 2006


August 2009


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favourite quote:

Never late in an Inter 8

Favorite Vacation Spot:

Australia anywhere out of town

Club Motto:

To enjoy the restoration of the vehicles and promote the recreational use of the vehicles.


ILMO was formed by a group of like minded individuals that share the same passion for International Harvester vehicles. The vehicles are predominately IH Scouts - the Traveler, Traveltop, Terra, the 80 series and the 800A and B series. This also includes many other models but due to the interest in the IH Scouts and the capabilities of  these amazing vehicles off road and for camping, the club became predominately IH Scout based. ILMO supports all other makes of IH and organises club events to promote and allow all makes to participate.

Recently ILMO has incorporated the addition of Classic 4 x 4’s into the club, All makes and models of 4WD’s 30 years or older are welcome to join in.

The Club was resurrected a few years after the passing of the late president John Fraser with many of the existing members rejoining the newly formed club. ILMO is associated with the other International Scout Owners Clubs in Australia and actively promotes the restoration and responsible recreational use of the 4WD International & Classic 4 x 4  vehicles.


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