David St - Dave finally saw the light and stepped up to his calling, now owns a Traveler.

Des - The Des, a man full of knowledge and even more wit. Des has driven scouts all his life until Glen bought them all. Des is always keen for an adventure with a tipple of altar wine whenever possible.

Glen - has a scouts, lots and lots of scouts, more scouts than he can drive.

Jo - partner to Andrew B, has a tidy mercedes convertible but no IH convertible scout.

John - Veteran to the car and motorbike club scene.

Kevin - The ever disappearing KC, long time member and even long line driver, has had a few scouts in his day. Currently has 2 mobile Scouts.

Rob - There is not much this man can not do. After fully restoring his traveltop, Rob bought 3 more to play with.

Steve M - a member from down south, waiting for Glen to pull his finger out and build him a scout.

Andrew B - Awaiting the chance to snare an 80 or 800 series.

Brett R - Avid scout member with a family descendant scout, ILMO may have to work on the next generation and have 2 scouts in the house.

David C - Dave is currently going through a lengthy restoration, not entirely of his own doing. His scout will be one to rival all when done.

David Sm - Sporting the only soft top at this stage...and an 80 at that. Currently has a Traveltop

Daniel K - 80 , traveltop and traveler owner, but they are only the tip of the collection of cars.

Marco -  Work in progress, vintage truck owner

Peter -  A IH man through and through, had a scout, sold it, still remained married... has some interesting IH Vans.

Len - Still owns one of the most original scouts in SA, for now

Angelo - Same as Andrew, but wants a Traveler

Steve W- Waiting for a scout.

Tom - owner of a scout, not enough time to Enjoy it!